Former Students on Darius and his Courses 

Darius has been more attentive, swiftly responsive, and more present than any other university educator I’ve ever come across – and to give you some perspective: I’ve been a full-time student since 2010!  If not for [these] courses, and if not for Darius, my life would not be where it is today. His mentorship and the creative writing courses have been a light in the dark through a very rough period of my life. It’s kept me from despair in the face of financial hardship, and it’s kept me from collapsing under the weight of grief as a family member passed away. No other course, and no other educator, has ever provided me with so much.

— Fredrik Palmqvist


Best course I've ever taken, both for my writing skills and my English proficiency! And most committed, constructive teacher I've encountered at university.

— Malin Elfgren

I've had countless teachers at the seven different Swedish Universities I've studied at, and Darius is by far the best teacher and mentor I've come across. Never before have I received such high quality and thorough feedback on each of my hand-ins. and never before have I been more inspired to make a big effort every time. Darius' dedication and skills as a teacher and writer have made me grow immensely, both as a writer, a student, and as a person. I think his teaching is useful to every aspiring writer, but especially to highly achieving students who often don't get a chance to grow with the help from a teacher, because they are already deemed to be "good enough,” and so resources aren't spent on them. 

To me, it meant the world that I was able to study from anywhere, being able to stay in different cities and countries while being a full-time student -- all while knowing I wasn't missing out on anything happening in the classroom since it was all online. I am planning on returning for more of Darius' courses, because I know his are some of, if not -the- very best writing courses that Swedish Universities have to offer. He has given so much to so many.

Nishra Almen

I live in London, England. I’ve taken several creative writing courses in the UK in the past, including those with the Open University and Curtis Brown Creative in London. None of them have matched the Malmö course in terms of the structure, the student interaction and the quality of tutor feedback from Darius. This is a truly global course, with participants from across the world, and as such, it should be regarded as a flagship programme – showcasing new ways of learning via an online virtual learning environment.

— Diane Stafford, London, England


These courses have meant the world to me, and Darius has been more present in the course than any uni-teacher I’ve ever had (and I’ve all-in-all studied at university level for more than five years). I’ve learned so much about writing and about myself.

— Sara Sjölund


So far, my skill as a writer and my development have been achieved solely thanks to the feedback I've received from Darius Degher. Darius was very blunt, professional, and straightforward in his feedback, and thanks to that, I learned and developed to the point of writing something worth being published. [He] is the one who actually makes [the creative writing courses at Malmö University] superior in comparison with the most esteemed universities in Europe and worldwide!

— Maya Norell 


[Darius’ course] has been such a wonderful and inspiring learning experience, and a gift in a way no other university course has ever felt like.

— Silje Pettersen

[Darius’] advice has been beyond what gold can measure.

— Matheus Ervall


A wonderful, challenging class with a teacher who was invested and really wanted everyone to be as inspired as he was. Darius and his class were the best part of the English studies program [at Malmö University].

— Kristie Evegren


Darius is without a doubt the best creative writing teacher I have ever had.

— Cecilia Duijts Lindahl (translated from the Swedish)

I have taken several Creative Writing courses, including some at Oxford University, which were excellent. The ones at MAU, led by Darius Degher, are better.

the courses owe their success and high student evaluations to Darius Degher, who has consistently been responsive to our needs, and fosters a writing environment that is both supportive and challenging at the same time. In fact, via this digital forum, Darius has been more present and provided more effective one-on-one coaching than most of my previous university instructors (and I should know about that, I have three university degrees!)

Darius has been very successful in building a digital community [which] should be considered a case study on how to conduct instruction online. In the year of 2019, the fact that this is an online-only course is a strength, not a weakness. 

I have seen the talent that has passed through these courses, and how this talent develops thanks to Darius’ efforts. One of these days, there will be a famous author that will make you proud when she says: ‘I am a graduate of Malmö University, where I trained under Darius Degher.’

Etienne Yuan


 Darius has a passion and knowledge of the craft that is hard to beat and his thoughtful involvement in our writing was immensely important for my development as a writer. I've had many teachers both good and bad, but Darius might be the best one I've had.

— Joaquim Berglund


 I've spent the past 20 years trying to create extraordinary (i.e. life giving, inspiring) off-campus experiences for youth and students, entrepreneurs and employees, through leadership development programs and workshops. My aim is always to use the group as a supportive motivator for the individual. Never have I experienced such a dynamic online, nor did I think it was possible, until I experienced [Darius’ Creative Writing 1 course at Malmö University]. Oh, the thrill! The excitement of that first sharing, how incredibly engaging the feedback giving and receiving was. All based on how Darius framed the course right from the start, with his demanding (yes!) expectations, the rich input and his leading-by-example thorough feedback. He shows through his actions, not merely words, that he cares about the writer. Words matter. And his way of supporting personal creativity is life giving. 

— Magdalena Musiala

I’ve studied Creative Writing at Linné university, Malmö University, and Swinburne University, and I can easily say that Darius is the best teacher I’ve had! Despite being an online course, he engages with students frequently, always answers questions and has a great online presence. He pushes students to be the best version of themselves in their writing.

— Nanna Grundell


I have studied under Darius and I can assure anyone he is a great teacher. His abilities as a teacher are unparalleled and as a person he is extremely motivating and encouraging.

— Adarsh Ravichandran