This writing community sprang up organically as a by-product of the creative writing courses taught by yours truly, Darius Degher, at Malmö University, Sweden. Thanks to the talented and dedicated writers in those courses, it has continued to grow. When the courses were first offered, in 2008, the response was immediate. There was such a demand for English-language creative writing in Sweden that soon they were among the most applied-for university courses in the country. Applications began coming in from other European countries as well.

This upwelling of demand for English-language creative writing courses in continental Europe seemed surprising at first, but it shouldn’t have been. There are now three times as many second- and foreign-language speakers of English in the world as there are native speakers. Why wouldn’t there also be large numbers of second-language-English writers?

This thinking is what inspired the concept and term decentered English.

It also led to the founding of the Shipwrights Reviewthe magazine of decentered English (the name honoring Malmö’s ship-building past).

Present . . .